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Leilani is happy to be second in line to the throne with no royal duties. She loves hanging out with her best friend Nawhea and the attentions of the warriors of her tribe. But when tragedy strikes, Leilani must prove her worth as the next queen of her people by testing her survival skills on an epic journey across the sea to a forbidden island. The Spirit World speaks to her along the way and offers her a clever monkey to help her as she struggles with her destiny. Teens will enjoy this story, especially if they want a more mature version of Disney's animated film Moana (Nov. 2016).


Princess of the South Sea



In a land where women are the spiritual leaders and men warrior-protectors, a princess

struggles to come of age and become the new queen: a lively and inspiring story that

encourages a young woman to find her strength, wisdom and guidance in her

personal life and in her relationship to the opposite sex. Very           worthwhile reading.   

This Young Adult novel has all the elements of the Hero's Journey and more. It is a story that teens, female and male, can indulge in as they come of age. It pulls together the best of the Stone Age and contemporary worlds that delights and enthralls in a fabulous fantasy world.

Allyson Hanover, book editor

As a teacher-librarian, I can honestly say that Leilani is one of the best young adult novels I have read. I'm amazed at all the cultural details and the characterizations. You've made me really care about the young women. It's so well done. 

Reva Nelson, teacher-librarian and author, Hippie Chick Abroad

Claudette Nantel,



June Rogers - Author

June Rogers is a Canadian fiction writer, journalist and editor. Her short fiction has appeared in various journals, and her articles have been published in Maclean’s and Chatelaine magazines and the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail newspapers. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Toronto.



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